Sunday, February 27, 2005

In Search Of Connection

I’m in the mood for a long phone conversation; one that has no verbal roadmap and no ulterior motive. At its heart are truths shared between two people. I find that I only have those types of conversations with three people: Adrianna, Margo and Molly. I think the key to these relationships is that we’re past that “getting to know you” bullshit that mires most conversations. And it only works if there’s no time restraint; no pressing matters to attend to. That’s when you really share. For me it’s usually in the dark, lying down on my bed with the window wide open. Things just come out. Stuff that you’ve never said out loud. Things so deep and personal that you don’t have to mention that these bits of truth are not to be revealed to the outside world. It’s understood. And when it's over you feel rejuvenated. It's the kind of conversation that's good for your soul.


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