Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Wedding Bells Toll For Thee

Last night, Molly invited me to be her date for a wedding she’s going to in April. This will be the third time we’ve gone to a wedding together. It’s her favorite cousin’s wedding so we’ll be surrounded by her family. It’s odd that she would ask me. She gave me the impression that she wanted to ask me for a while now, but hadn’t for some reason.

I guess it’s time to mention that I was engaged once. I’d rather not go into the details of the affair, other than to mention that all of it was embarrassing and absurd. But it will explain my next statement: I don’t really like weddings. Couple that with being surrounded by people I don’t know and I’m stressed out more than I normally am (which is fairly high to begin with). A recipe for disaster would include alcohol and of course that will be available in abundance at this event. So I’m thinking to myself: "Why did I say yes?" I said yes immediately after she asked me. Knee jerk. What the hell is wrong with me? Anyone?


Anonymous Margaret said...

Pretend you're a spy or undercover. You are a spy, right?
Nothing's wrong with you, Bernard. You're just you. There's never anything wrong with that. You'll go, you'll get through it, and Molly will enjoy herself. These type of affairs are usually easier experienced rather than anticpated.

Thursday, February 24, 2005 12:08:00 AM  

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