Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Home For The Holidays (if by holidays you mean a wedding)

So I’m going to Cleveland this weekend. Haven’t been home since NjP’s wedding. Oddly enough, a wedding is bringing me back. Molly’s cousin is getting married and I’m going to be accompanying her. It’s a big moment for me. It’ll be the first time meeting the maternal side of Molly’s family. I’m nervous about the event but I’m sure I’ll survive. I've just got to pace my drinking.
What’s nice about being home, even if it is for a couple days, is that I get to eat out a couple times on my parents tab. We’ll be eating at my old restaurant FAT CATS Friday night and I’ll be spending all of Sunday with them. They’re pretty psyched about me coming home, although I’m fairly certain my mother will hate my new haircut.


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