Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Joan Allen double feature

J and I did a Joan Allen double feature today: THE UPSIDE OF ANGER and OFF THE MAP. The first film had some potential, but didn’t capitalize on its promising premise. Kevin Costner did the same role he’s been doing for ages (aging baseball player who falls in love), while the four young women cast as Ms. Allen’s daughters were given nothing to capitalize on their collective talent.
The second film was much better. The story is so much more compelling to watch, although you have no idea where you are being taken as an audience member. Ms. Allen is less showy in this film, as the earth mother who must deal with her husband’s depression, but plays the required subtlety beautifully. It was a striking counterpoint to the upper middle class drunk she plays in the first film. But the most astonishing thing that I saw today was a young woman named Valentina de Angelis (Ms. Allen’s daughter in OFF THE MAP). One of the best child performances I’ve ever seen in film.


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