Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I’ve been here in New York for over a year and I finally found a coffee place I like. I prefer to use one of the local variety. I respect businesses that are willing to take on large and faceless corporations. I find it menschy.
JOE. That’s the name. It’s in the West Village and I love it. It has the right feel. Not too big not too small; just right. I can see everyone coming in and out.
The food they have really cinched it for me. They sell doughnuts from THE DOUGHNUT PLANT which have the best doughnuts on the planet. Even acclaimed writer/goofball Amy Sedaris sells cupcakes she makes there.
Oh and I even have a little crush on a girl who works there. And if I weren’t worried about never being able to go to this place ever again if she said no, I'd ask her out.


Blogger Jenni said...

I certainly hope you're not going to give up on coffee shop girl just because she wasnt there yesterday. You better go back! She was totally digging you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 10:44:00 AM  

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