Thursday, March 31, 2005


Last night Molly had a pre-production meeting regarding THE COURAGE JOURNAL. The best moment for me was reading the script out loud together. It reminded me of a story that James L. Brooks relates about his initial experience with BOTTLE ROCKET and its writers, Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson. The story, which Mr. Brooks retells in the foreward to the script of RUSHMORE, is an illuminating one for any screenwriter. One of the many morals I gleaned from the story was that it’s necessary to read the script out loud. That simple act is extremely informative. I saw things that I never saw before in the script. Just reading it out loud got me excited about making the film. When the process of making this film is over, I know I’m going to miss this film.

Tonight I will go to BAM without a ticket and beg someone for their ticket to see THE GRADUATE. I’m willing to pay well over face value. It’s important that I at least try to get in to meet one of my idols, Mike Nichols. I might fail but I’m going to give it my all and see if anyone takes pity on me.


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