Monday, March 28, 2005


I talked to Margo today. In the middle of the day, no less. She sounded relaxed. I guess quitting your job will do that to you. The weight of the world no longer resides on her shoulders. Our conversation was pithy; we talk like we’re characters from a Noel Coward play--full of wit, humor and mirth. Talking to her makes me feel like I have to hold up my end. She’s my Elaine May to my Mike Nichols. The woman cracks me up.

It was raining when I left my apartment. I didn’t turn around and get an umbrella because I wanted to show solidarity to Margo. Well as it turns out the light drizzle turned into a torrential downpour in minutes and I was soaked by the time I arrived at the barbershop. Dripping wet.

About the haircut. Turns out the guy who has been my barber for over a year isn’t there anymore, which is annoying because now I have to get acquainted with someone else. (The new guy they got to replace him looks kinda like the original...if you squint your eyes.) And something was lost in the translation today. He cut it short. Real short. Much shorter than we discussed. And I have a wedding this weekend. Aargh.


Blogger MEC said...

oh, did I forget to say that I do agree with raincoats? And rain hats?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 1:53:00 PM  

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