Tuesday, April 05, 2005

DVD Hell

It’s Tuesday and I had to send some revisions to my four actors. I needed the pages copied, so as that was being done, I went to Barnes and Noble. Now for someone like myself, this is the worst place to be at the moment. The film is quickly approaching and the budget is growing everyday. I can’t spare any money because I’m putting up all the money for the film. People have offered, but I’ve never felt comfortable accepting, mainly because it puts even more guilt on my shoulders and frankly, as a Catholic, I’ve got enough of that. So as a result there are sacrifices to be made. Things I want, I can’t have. Two of those things are available today: the DVDs of SIDEWAYS and the fourth season of WEST WING. And I’m looking at these two things I most certainly want and I put them both down. I didn’t get either. It’s a sad day for me. I hear that the commentary track on SIDEWAYS is pretty badass and the WEST WING Season 4 would complete the Sorkin era. But that’s the price of doing business.


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