Monday, April 25, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I’m back in NYC. Principal photography is complete and my week in LA is over. And thank God. There’s nothing I like about that city. I had to drive everywhere. Food isn’t great there and it’s hot. I hate hot. Becca and Chris, my two leads, pitched me on the idea of moving out there as soon as I saw them. And they were relentless. They love me and part of their pleading was based on their desire to have real friends amidst the artificiality of their surroundings. But something about what they said that night really stuck with me. I’ve been in NYC for over a year and I have nothing to show for it professionally.
“You’d do so well out here.” I can hear Becca and Chris say that over and over.
So on Monday I made a decision. I’m moving to LA. I’m going there to jump start the career that I’m destined to have. After which I’ll move straight back to NYC.


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