Saturday, April 16, 2005

Money For Nothin’ And Your Chicks For Free

I wimped out. Last night, I went to a restaurant to visit a friend of mine who owes me money. (Film=lots of money) She avoided me until she couldn’t any longer and then talked her way out of conversing with me about the situation. Now this is a person I considered close. But a true friend wouldn’t avoid the me. They would tell me what’s up and deal with me. Ever since I gave this person money, it’s been nothing but empty promises. And our friendship won’t survive it.
On the other hand, on the exact same day several months ago, I lent money to another friend and he was fantastic about returning the money in a prompt manner. Even if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been okay. He kept me updated about his financial status and paid me in installments. The guilt of having to borrow from someone propelled him to pay in a timely fashion. Whereas with my female friend has let her guilt make her dodgy and evasive.
What is the lesson to cull from this scenario?


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