Saturday, April 09, 2005

People I Don't (Want To) Know

This morning I am woken by someone ringing my buzzer. I am expecting a package so I let this person into the building. As I open the door, I see two men with bibles walk towards my door.
“We’re here to spread the New Testament.”
I instantly close my door and lock it.
After work tonight, I had a late repast with my co-worker Jackie. Let me explain briefly what my relationship is with this woman. I don’t like her. I mean nothing about her particularly irritates me and I mean her no ill will, but she’s not on my favorite people list. She’s rude, moody and strange. I can never get a handle on how to be around her. But tonight she asked me to join her for some food and I said yes. I have a morbid curiosity with people, what can I say. So after a couple burgers and almost all work-related conversation (and a couple Stella Artois) we left each other’s company. I found out very little about her and hopefully will never have to endure that again.
So now I’m at the subway station and I’m sitting there waiting patiently for the train. I’m a little buzzed. And then I hear it.
“Bernard! Bernard!”
I turn and see Claudia. Let me explain briefly what my relationship is with this woman. Claudia is Molly’s roommate. Molly calls me frequently to bitch about their co-dependent relationship. Claudia is also someone I know from Cleveland. In fact we worked together once on a short I did entitled HETEROFLEXIBLE. She was a pain then and she’s one now. She’s manipulative and mean and worst of all, makes Molly feel bad on a fairly regular basis. I dislike this woman intensely. But she doesn’t know that and I have to pretend like I am excited about seeing her for Molly’s sake. We have this strange conversation where I don’t really look at her and it goes well enough.


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