Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wedding Day

I wake up and Cleveland is covered in snow. Welcome home. I quickly get dressed and drive to Molly’s. She’s wearing this tiny black dress that is very fashionable but not smart given the unexpected winter storm. The ceremony was long and Molly read a couple of things, which she did well. Something struck me about this ceremony early on. Why is it that people want children involved in a wedding? I mean I know they’re cute and all, but they’re uncontrollable and play by their own rules. And if they’re really cute, don’t they steal attention from the bride and groom? I thought maybe it would be funny to have old people doing the job of ringbearer and flower girl. They elicit the same response from us: “Awww.” And as Molly mentioned, “And they’re just as ornery as kids.”
In between the ceremony and the reception we went to Molly’s parents’ house and hung out with them. We are pizza, cheese and drank some beers. We learned that the Pope had died which was terribly sad. My whole life I’ve only had one Pope. My world shifted a little bit.
The reception was wonderful. I smoked a cigar with Fred, danced the Twist with Joan and drank rum and cokes. It was the best time I’ve ever had at a wedding.
Post reception activity consisted of a trip with Molly and others to BW3 for another couple drinks. After which I drove home, even over the objections of Fred, Joan and Molly. The weather was awful (it took me two hours to get home) but I had an early day Sunday and it didn’t help that I lost an hour because of daylight savings.


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