Friday, April 29, 2005

What I Wanted To Say

To my touchstone,
So things are different now. It happened suddenly and without warning. You’re involved with someone and our time together has dwindled as a result. We both knew this would happen. I was in denial about it. Can I tell you though that this guy is a jerk? I know I shouldn’t say that but he is. He doesn’t care about you. He’s in it for one thing and when he gets tired of it he’ll dump you. He’s the exact opposite of what you need. I want to say these things to you like we used to…lying in bed, phones attached to our ears, late at night or without the phones altogether when we’d be together. But those days are gone. There’s a hole in the day now without you and I’m having trouble with that. I want to tell you everything that’s in my head but I can’t because I’m a vested interest. I care about you. Maybe too much.
Good luck with this guy. I want only the best for you. But I know this guy isn’t it.



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