Wednesday, May 25, 2005


At precisely 7:27 this morning I receive this text message from Zion: “I’m really sorry, but Thomas and I have gotten into a dispute, and we will have to postpone our dinner until it’s resolution.” (By the way all of the mistakes are his not mine.) So I didn’t eat at Per Se. Kinda anti-climactic isn’t it? Sorry.

Only good thing to happen today was that Zeljko Ivanek talked to me. (For those of you unaware, he’s an obscure character actor that I had a brief encounter with once on a street.) Anyway, he is walking past my restaurant today and we both wave. I figure he’s waving out of politeness. He walks past my restaurant and down the street. He must not remember me. And that’s what I thought until he walks into my open door way and exclaims, “Have you seen it?” The one time we talked I mentioned that I was to see the show he is currently in THE PILLOWMAN. “Oh yes. I saw it the Sunday after I bumped into you. It’s wonderful.” And we talked about his career and the last two Lars Von Trier films (both of which he’s in) but mostly about the play. It was a nice moment for me because it was the first time that a celebrity had come up to me.

PS--My oldest friendship is with a woman named Adrianna and it's her birthday today. Happy birthday A. I love you very much.


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