Friday, May 06, 2005

Coffee Help

This afternoon, I went to my preferred coffeehouse. I saw my favorite barista with whom I had developed a slight crush. Turns out that she’s gay and I’m still a little sad about that. While I’m there waiting for my mocha, there’s this woman who has the largest coffee order I’ve ever seen at JOE walking out the door. Ever seen those trays that you can put four drinks in (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve been in a McDonald’s in your life)? Well she had three. Twelve drinks in total. And no one was helping her. So I opened the door and offered to walk her to where was going, because there was a good chance that she’d drop some or all of her order. She welcomed my help and we chit-chatted all the way to her restaurant (this vegan place that Molly likes). As we walk in everyone working there started laughing. (I think because no one knows me.) I dropped off my tray and then I just left. Without leaving my name or getting hers. It’s like my mind shorted. I think this girl is cute, what the hell’s wrong with me?


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