Sunday, May 15, 2005


Got up early for brunch at Prune with J, her new beau Eric and their friend Emily. This was my first time meeting Emily and my second time meeting Eric. Emily is a very funny and quick witted young woman, who just graduated from NYU Law. Eric, who came into my restaurant with J last night, is a tall and erudite man and rising 2L. (His voice reminds me of Alexander Payne.) He and J seem like an odd combination at first, but it’s quite obvious from my two encounters that there is true affection between the two of them. And he makes her laugh. A good thing in my book. My only concern about him is that he’s a picky eater. Now any other thing I think I can look past, but this is mildly upsetting to me. What he chose to be finicky about he defended with reason. For example, certain cheeses are technically mold or mushrooms are fungus. These are true statements but here’s the thing: he’s a guy. I mean, being fussy about food as a guy just doesn’t sit right with me. I can’t explain it. A persnickety woman doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe because I’ve dealt with more of them and half expect it. But a guy...I don’t know.

Speaking of food, after careful deliberation, I decided who would be my date for the dinner at Per Se--Kerry. I worked with her at Per Se, and have maintained a wonderful friendship despite seeing her so infrequently. She knows Zion and loves food. That and I thought she’d really appreciate it and frankly deserves it--girl works more than anyone I know. But before I got to ask her, Zion calls me. It has dawned on him that that the girl he’s taking is too much trouble--she’s a vegetarian--so it’ll just be the two of us. So no date, which is good in a way. Now I don’t have to disappoint anyone.


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