Monday, May 09, 2005

A Guy Thing

I’m sick today. My ears hurt and I’m achy all over. I have a sneaking suspicion of lead poisoning from my apartment and if I die anytime soon, I request an autopsy.

Derek called today to announce a stoppage to our friendship. I didn’t fight him. A man makes choices and should stand by them. I’m sure that we’ll be friends again at some point, but not for a while. He knows that my phone is always on and he can always call me for anything.

In other news, Zion called me. Zion, my former co-worker and would-be roommate, who was among my closest friends up until he flaked on moving to New York and didn’t inform me of his decision. For whatever reason, he thought that he could just start talking to me again after over six months of silence. He knew how to get me though. He said this, “I miss my friend.” And I don’t know if the Derek thing played any part of my response, but I just sat there and kind of forgave him. And I’m still pissed at this guy.

But I’ve come to this conclusion. Friendship between two men is different than any other. It doesn’t require as much talking as one that involves women, but loyalty is paramount to it. It’s unlike anything else out there.


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