Thursday, May 12, 2005

Look At That

I’ve been watching the same scene over and over for what must be days. It isn’t out of the question that I watch one scene or movie several times in a row. Sometimes I’m in search of inspiration. Other times I’m researching for something I’m writing. But lately, I find myself in the mood just to watch something beautiful. My mind wanders. How’d they do that? What was it like that day to shoot this scene? My mother will see something that leaves her awestruck and say outloud, “Look at that.” That’s all I can hear when I watch something that blows my hair back. In any case, the scene in question is my favorite opening scene in all of film. It isn’t something flashy or technically amazing. Instead it’s just a simple and beautiful moment--the first kiss between two people. If you haven’t seen ALL THE REAL GIRLS you’re missing out.


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