Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I’m stressed. Not in that way that I always am. It’s a new stress that I’ve put upon myself. As of this past Friday night, I am the new Wine Director at my restaurant. What does that mean? I’m the person in charge of ordering wine and maintaining the wine list. Now this sounds easy enough. But it’s surprisingly difficult. Between pushy wine reps and an ever shifting inventory, I’ve found myself very busy. Couple that with not being paid anything for this extra hassle and you’ll wonder why I volunteered for it. But here’s my reason for asking for this job: someone had to do it. The list was quickly dwindling and no one had ordered anything since Roger left less than a week ago. Things on the floor were getting hairy. And I was annoyed. We all were. So I decided that I’d do it. And the water’s been above my head ever since.


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