Saturday, May 14, 2005


I’m on the phone with Zion. He’s off of work out at the French Laundry and I’m laying in bed thinking about the sheer amount of shit I have going on later today. His call is a welcome distraction.
“So you know I changed my trip?”
He’s coming back to New York in about a week.
“No you didn’t mention it.”
“Yeah I’ll be coming in during the middle of the week.”
“Anyway, I’m eating at Per Se either Tuesday or Wednesday night and I was wondering if you’d like to join me.”
“What’s wrong?”
“That’s huge. I’m really touched.”
“I’m bringing this girl Jackie and you could bring someone if you’d like.”
Let me explain something to my readers. Going to Per Se for dinner is the hottest ticket in New York City, dare I say the world. It will be until the day it closes. It was just named last week the Best New Restaurant in the Country by the James Beard Foundation. For Zion to offer me and a guest an opportunity to eat there is absurd. Beyond that, Zion is among the French Laundry/Per Se’s finest and most loyal employees. He’s going to be hooked up--VIP tasting menu (well over 20 courses) and matched wines for every course. And then it dawns on me. I don’t have that kind of money to spend. Before I can break the bad news, Zion drops some science on me.
“Oh and we won’t have to pay for wine and the food will be half off.”
My mouth fell to the ground.
“Well yes. Of course. I’d love to go. I’m really honored that you’d ask me. And I’ll bring someone.”
“Good. Dinner for four at Per Se.”
Okay so now the dilemma. Who do I bring? Normally I’d ask Molly, but we haven’t talked in over a week and I just don’t see her new beau being down with that. If J were in town I’d ask her. But she’s not. Should I consider someone who knows Zion? How about Kerry? She works at Per Se and is one of my closest friends. But something keeps creeping into my mind and it’s this: If ever there was a “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” date this is it. Shouldn’t I spend it on a girl I really like? Am I wrong here?


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