Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wish List

There I am at my coffee klatch, with my café mocha and valrhona chocolate doughnut, writing down an absurd list. My “What I Want In A Woman” list. It's an impossible list. I'd be more likely to create a woman with all of these things than to find one. But here for your reading pleasure is what I wrote. (It’s a working list.)

-Mary-Louise Parker’s voice
-girl with enough self respect to look at herself in the mirror before leaving her apartment
-not above licking off a dollop of sauce that has fallen on her shirt
-effortless humor
-a touch of self-deprecation
-low maintenance
-respects the importance of punctuality
-drinks but doesn’t “drink”
-seen enough film to be conversant with me
-willing to make fun of me privately and defend me publicly
-not threatened by my many female friends
-not weirded out by the fact that I have many female friends
-a great laugh
-a general lack of neediness
-gives great phone
-a healthy appetite
-Zooey Deschanel’s body


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