Sunday, June 12, 2005


On Friday, at my restaurant, a young pretty woman walks into the first door and stands awkwardly in front of the second one. It’s glass enclosed and she’s just standing there. We look at each other. I go up to the door and push it towards her.
“I’m sorry, but I was wondering if you were hiring?”
“No. We’re actually closing in a couple of weeks.”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Me too. Where else have you worked in the city?”
“Actually I just moved to the city. I’m from Ohio.”
“I’m from Ohio!”
“I went to Ohio State.”
“I went to Ohio State!”
“My name is Ashley.”
“My name is Ashley!”
She laughs.
“I’m from Painesville.”
“ from Painesville. Look what you did. We had such a good thing going and then you went and ruined it.”
She laughs harder.
“Let’s go outside and talk.”
And we do. About Ohio, restaurants in the area, what we studied at college. You know, normal chit chat. We spoke a little closer than most people who barely know each other speak. And then I gave her my number. She put it in her phone and I told her that I’d look into some restaurants on her behalf and she could call me in a couple days.
And lo and behold, she called me tonight. How cool is that? She got a job at a place I told her was most likely hiring and she left her number to call her back. I think I’m going to ask her out to brunch sometime.


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