Saturday, June 04, 2005


A friend of mine has fallen in love. This news has not caused a rush of excitement among her closest friends. You see, she falls in love easily. She’s an emotional conduit, if you will. At any given moment sadness will overwhelm her, pressures create tears or happiness spur spontaneous singing. She’s a feeler. The world is cruel to people like her; people who take others their word and genuinely care about other people’s emotions. They endure more pain than the rest of us. It’s with this knowledge that all of her inner circle approach the subject of her new love with a grain of salt. Except me. So why do I believe her? Because love is like gravitas. You know it when you see it. And you can see it on her face and in the timbre of her voice when his name comes up. She’s sunk. And I’m happy for her. And you should be too.


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