Monday, June 27, 2005

Great Day

Great day. One for the books.

Started out with a much-needed haircut at Chelsea Barbers. When I walk in early this morning, I see my favorite barber on the planet, who has not worked there for a few months. I’m floored.
“Where have you been?”
“Hip-replacement surgery.”
And then I hugged him. Reminds me of my paternal grandfather. Something about his posture. Anyway, he gave me the best haircut I’ve gotten in the last few months. It’s nice not having to explain what you want to someone. It’s like jazz musicians--it's about feeling.

I accepted the part-time management job at my favorite restaurant. We’ll bang out the details this week, but I should start on 06 July. The only bad thing is that I’ll most likely not be able to go to Jill’s wedding now. This is a short-term situation and I can’t give up an entire weekend for it. Sad but true.

Then I ran home, showered and headed back into the city for coffee with Kerry at Joe. Kerry is interviewing for a job in the same company I just agreed to join, so we’re going over possible interview questions. She’s extremely nervous. I try to keep things light by every once in a while bringing up her ever burgeoning crush on Chris Monaco. Thursday is the big day for her and I’m sure she’ll do well.

Next up was lunch with Molly at Momofuku. She’s late and looks awful. She goes on to tell me about her weekend filled with tears over her current relationship with Mr. Ponytail. It’s good to see her, even in this state. We haven’t talked in so long. We needed to catch up.

After that came time to pick up my final paycheck at my now former restaurant. A bunch of us gathered in the bar area and ate leftover cheese all the while amusing ourselves. It was a cathartic experience...I got choked up a couple of times.

I walked to the subway in the torrential rain and after making it home, I hear my phone ring. (What follows is how I remember it, as best as I can recall.)
“It’s Emmy from Joe.”
“Emmy you don’t have to say ‘from Joe’. I only have one Emmy in my life. Of course, now you’re going to tell me that you have five Bernards in your life.”
“I only need one.”
“That’s kind of you to say.”
“So I wanted to tell you I got your message on Saturday and I’m sorry that I haven’t returned your call until now.”
“Oh that’s okay.”
“It was very sweet…what you said in the message.”
“I meant every word of it.”
“Well I have an idea for a thank you gift.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I was thinking since you’re a filmmaker and I think it’s important to see things that inspire us, I’d like to take you to a film sometime…something you wouldn’t normally go to.”
“Wow. Yes I would love that. Oh but I leave for Cleveland tomorrow for a week.”
“But I’ll be back on the 5th. Can we go out that night?”
“I’m closing Joe that night. We could catch a 9 o’clock film.”
“I’d really like that.”


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