Friday, June 03, 2005


I’m off tonight. I considered going to see a movie, but instead decided to go home and drink. I am finishing off the bottle of Hewitson Mourvedre I got as a sample from one of my many wine reps. I love this wine. Mourvedre is my new favorite grape. It used to be pinot noir, but it’s all too hot right now with the emergence of SIDEWAYS on the cultural landscape. That and I think pinot is too staid. You know what you get when you drink pinot. Mourvedre is different. You never know what to expect with it. It’s a challenging grape and I love all of its incarnations.

Before I leave work tonight, my good friend Michael pulls me aside and tells me that he’s putting his two weeks in. And the hits just keep on coming. Last night Maggie the Manager tells me that my wine buying is put on hold because business is slow. The only reason that I accepted the Wine Director position was to learn more about wine and have total control over the wine list. And I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t really mind not getting paid for the hassle. But it’s only fun for me when I get to do my thing. Things have changed. Add to that the summer slow down of business and I think it’s time to leave. I spent my first ten months of my New York existence looking for a job that I loved. I found it. And I was content on staying there indefinitely, but add up all these things and I can’t do it anymore.


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