Sunday, June 19, 2005

Romancing the Stone

Adrianna called me yesterday to tell me that she’s coming into town. For those of you who don’t know, Adrianna is my oldest friend. (Oldest in that she’s been my friend for a long time, not that she’s an old woman.) Our friendship extends beyond space and distance; it’s timeless. But she’s bringing a friend--Stone. And Stone is a woman. From what I gather they’re now a couple, so the stakes have been raised for this visit.
As I wait in at the bus stop for them and as soon as they get off the bus, Adrianna and I full body hug. It’s been too long. Stone is everything her name implies--cold, steely and humorless. And right from the get go, we’re not clicking. I’m a little worried. I take them to the one vegan restaurant I know and they eat like kings. The whole time Adrianna and I talk, while Stone sits and listens. But she does so in that sort of judgmental way that makes me think that what we’re talking about is insignificant. But I don’t care. I haven’t seen Adrianna in so long and I’m going to take advantage.
We eventually get back to my apartment and Adrianna and I pop open a bottle of wine. (Stone doesn’t drink.) We laugh and share all of which Stone is a passive observer. What does Adrianna see in her? I don’t get it.


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