Wednesday, June 22, 2005

She's Rad

My day off. Adrianna and I had a long talk last night. The kind where you know it has to end, but only because time slipped away. I got up late because of this and couldn’t drop off my resume at a restaurant I have very little enthusiasm about working at.
But I decided to treat myself to a film--Me and You and Everyone We Know. Jackie (who has become a chum, now that we don’t work together) and I go to the new IFC Center. The film is wonderful, although it defies description. It’s full of humor and awkwardness. Films like this are not made often and should be relished. If nothing else, you should know that the lead, Miranda July, is also the writer/director. How she was able to juggle all three of those jobs is nothing short of miraculous. And dare I say, she has the sexiest neck I have ever seen.
Afterwards, Jacks and I went to Honmura An, a soba noodle shop in SoHo. Shortly after being seated, Cindy arrived and we ordered food like it was going out of style. And all the food was fantastic. And if you don’t believe me, you should ask Yoko Ono because she walked into the restaurant in the middle of our dinner.


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