Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cognitive Disso-wha?

Too much in my head to write. I’m exhausted and beaten.

The big dinner with Chris and Kerry was incredible--a feast that topped all other feasts. The chef (my new boss) offered to cook for us, and the food was plentiful and amazing. We had the sommelier pair wines to each course and while his choices greatly differed from what I would have chosen, they were all strong choices. As the night progressed I could see the sparks flying between Chris and Kerry. And when we all went back to the hotel room, we talked over more wine and I passed out. Apparently they went on talking for another hour. I really think that their romance will definitely happen now. My plan is working. Excellent.

When I got back I found a letter from the girl. She fashioned the envelope from newspaper and a brown paper bag. The letter was three pages and handwritten. Light and funny in tone, it closed with her asking me to be her friend; to do all of the things that come with that title and nothing else. “Everything but the courting,” she wrote. Of course I was upset. I think that’s natural. But that eventually was subsided by confusion. There was no explanation for her request. Is she too busy? Is she still hurting over her most recent relationship? Is she not interested?

That last question doesn’t compute because she asked me out and was the total aggressor on our date--she invited herself to my apartment, she kissed me, she slept in my bed next to me--all of which I was more than happy to comply with. Why go through all of that if you’re going to tell someone you’re not interested a couple weeks later? The cognitive dissonance is massive.

And what am I to do now? Should I honor her humble yet odd request? Or should I, respectfully, say no? And how would I do that? Maybe I should just let her go? She hasn't responded to the care package I sent, which I take as a sign that she has no idea what to say either. Someone has to break the silence right? But how? I could use some help here people.


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