Friday, August 26, 2005

Baxter Schmaxter

Tonight I was supposed to see The Baxter with Susie, her husband Nathan and Sarah. But that didn’t happen when the very small theatre filled up and two of our party weren’t with us. So Susie and I left. We found Sarah. I feel like Susie and I sort of blew off Sarah, but we were more concerned with finding Nathan, who was considerably late. Turns out he didn’t know where the film was screening, and by that time Sarah was long gone.
So then, the remaining three of us, ate at Molly’s restaurant. A couple things of note. I wanted to buy the first round of drinks and so did Nathan. When the tab was announced to us by the strapping bartender, “$18.50” he proclaimed, Nathan and I threw money down on the bar at the same time. Let me ask you, whose money do you think the bartender took? Yes you in the back. “Yours?” That’s right. You know why? Because he threw down a $20 bill and I threw down $22 total. It’s all about the tip buddy. It’s always about the tip. Soon after that we were seated and ordered. As the server took my menu, I casually put my credit card on the menu so that it faced the server. It’s a simple and very casual way to get the server to take my card and for him to just bring me the bill after we’ve decided to end the evening. At the end of the meal, the server brings it to me, Susie and Nathan look at me in shock, and the server chimes in.
“I’ve been working in the restaurant business for a long time sir and that was by far the smoothest credit card hand off I’ve ever seen. I gotta shake your hand.”
I laughed. I haven’t been laughing a lot recently, and I think between that and the fact that Nathan and Susie are among the nicest people I’ve ever encountered, just put me in a good place. I know I’ve got a lot of stuff to deal with in the next few days, but I feel for the first time that it will all work out.


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