Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Complete Shock

“Are you sitting down?”
“I’m laying down.”
“Good. Okay. Shannon and I separating.”
My heart skips a beat. Nick and Shannon are one of those indestructible couples. I was the best man at their wedding less than a year ago. I must have heard it wrong.
“I’m sorry?”
“We’re separating. It's a mutual and amicable break.”
There’s detachment in his voice. He’s already come to terms with it.
“What happened?”
“There wasn’t some event. This was the natural evolution of things. The curiosity of being with other people just never went away. There was just this moment when we realized that there was nothing left to say.”
I was speechless. Words failed me. Shannon introduced me to Nick. They are one of the great couples. They love each other. I have built my faith of relationships on the foundation that certain ones are ever-lasting. I know some won't make it. Most aren't meant to, but Nick and Shannon was always one I just knew would last. Where did this go wrong? Six and a half years later, their relationship is over?


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