Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day O' Bernard

I had one of those days where I decided that I’d reward myself. For what you might ask? Doesn’t really matter. In any case, I refer to this as “Day O’ Bernard”. And what do you think I did? Hands? Anyone? That’s right, I went to the movies. Nothing gets me more jazzed up than seeing a couple films. I had planned on three all day, in three separate theatres, all across town from each other. First up, Saint Ralph. The only reason I wanted to see this film was to see Campbell Scott, one of those actors you’d give money to if you saw him on the street because he’s just that good. He’s fantastic in this film although my main beef with the film was that they didn’t utilize his talents enough. But it’s a good little film that’s tugs at the heartstrings in an obvious and predictable way. Still good though. Next up was Junebug. I knew nothing about this film other than the fact that everyone who has seen it has been floored by Amy Adams performance. And you know what? She’s luminous. An indelible performance that is textured and brilliant. For my money, she’s the only reason to see this film. I had planned on seeing Hustle & Flow, but instead opted to see my friend Cindy and Jackie. Cindy is house/dog sitting for her sister in a loft apartment in SoHo. When I walk in, I’m stunned. It’s fucking huge. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my life. It must cost a small fortune to live there. Anyway, the three of us ate pizza and watched The Big Lebowski. On the way to the subway, Jackie and I saw a man taking a crap on the sidewalk. Only in New York!


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