Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First Time

So I saw the girl today for the first time since our letter exchange. It's only two letters so Griffin and Sabine we are not. I walk into the coffeehouse and there she is behind the counter. We see each other and we smile. She’s wearing her short hair in pigtails and for the first time I understand the phrase, “sight for sore eyes”. She’s incandescent. And while I’d love to tell her all that, I have to stand firm on my stance that we cannot be friends. Warmth is expected but nothing more. I’m getting my mocha and leaving.
I approach the counter and she comes around so she can give me a hug. She pulls me close and hugs me. I reluctantly reciprocate.
“How are you doing?”
She says that with some reticence in her voice. As if to say that she’s terrified of the answer. But I remain detached.
“I’m okay.”
Then there’s a big pause.
“I got your package. Thank you.”
“Oh you’re welcome.”
Another big pause. This one is the size of the Grand Canyon. Luckily I see in my peripheral vision that Susie is working the barista station. She’s recently borrowed a short of mine and I’ve been meaning to talk to her about it. That’s my scene out.


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