Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I’m talking to Susie at the coffeehouse. I take an extended break in conversation to announce that I’m leaving. I wave goodbye to the manager, who tilts her head and smiles.
“Wait for me. I’ll walk you out.”
Taken aback, I agree. I stand there awkwardly as she finishes the coffee-related matter she’s attending to. Eventually we do walk out together and I escort her to the subway. The conversation is light and flirty. I’ve always had a small crush on her, although she’s too much like me—direct and forceful. She’d ultimately dominate me in any situation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It wouldn’t work, despite the natural fascination with each other.
Wait I forgot to mention something. Part of the reason for taking her to the subway was that Chris Monaco and I were to have lunch and he and I were meeting at the subway station that I was taking her to. She and I stand there and talk for a while when Chris emerges from the bowels of the subway. I introduce them to each other and after a couple minutes of that, Laura, the girl I have an ever-growing crush on walks up out of the same entrance way. Now I’ve got three people, who have no connection to each other than me, standing together on a New York sidewalk. Talk about awkward.


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