Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This is what my life has come to. Last night I fell asleep watching cable television on the floor. Why didn’t I just get up and go to bed? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I was reminded of this one scene from Love Liza. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.

I’m so thoroughly psyched to be going away in October. I forgot to mention in my previous blog entry that I am part of the wedding party. I’ve been in two weddings in as many years. I’m thinking about making a policy that I shouldn’t attend weddings unless I’m in the bridal party. Of course, then you’ve got people like Tosha whom I haven’t seen in ages making me part of the wedding and now I’m obligated to go even though I’ve never met anyone in her family.

In related marriage news, Shannon and Nick have decided to give it another go. I have no specifics, but am ecstatic about this.

As far as Portland is concerned, I’m excited about seeing Margo and Nick. I can imagine Margo and me drinking wine until the wee hours getting increasingly loud and obnoxious. I can see Nick and I drinking bad coffee and pie until dawn, furiously writing.

Writing is about routine. There’s discipline that’s necessary. Truly great writers don’t wait for inspiration to strike them. They write and write and write, even through the bad times. You’re allowed to suck. No one tells you that. I wish more of my teachers would have told me that it’s okay to fail. It’s how you deal with any failure that defines you.


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