Saturday, October 08, 2005

Looking Up

So things are looking up. My unemployment is no longer being withheld after a minor dispute between myself and my former employer. Work at my current restaurant is awful but in that “Oh I can’t believe it’s this bad” sort of way. My spirits have been buoyed by my flexible schedule, meager income and morbid curiosity in all things awful.

Also I got a date tomorrow. Most likely. It all depends on if she doesn’t have to work. If she doesn’t, then we’re off to see Proof. I love the play and it’s the one Broadway production that I wish I had seen in my life. But alas my Mary-Louise Parker fixation must be sated in other ways. In any case, they made a movie that goes against some of the given circumstances that are established in the play. And for that I cannot forgive the filmmakers. It’s a perfect play. Perfect. You don’t fuck with that.

And then there’s also my impending trip to Portland this upcoming weekend. There’s the brief sojourn to Louisville for T-Money’s wedding but then off to Portland I go. Margo, Shandar and Nick all think I’ll want to move to their fair city after this trip.


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