Monday, October 10, 2005

Sweater Weather

The leaves are turning and the air is brisk; it’s sweater weather here in New York. This is my favorite time of year in New York. Women wear clothes that force men to wonder, “What the hell is under there?” We really want to know.

And instead of spending it outside with a cup of mocha I’m spending the day inside watching four movies that I’ve recorded on our DVR—Scarecrow, Blood Simple, My Wife Is an Actress and Harold and Maude. I like to keep up on my recordings because I’d rather not clutter up the DVR’s memory. That’s just me. That’s how I roll.

I will step out later with my friend Rebekah, who has been gone for almost a month while tending to family related illness in California. She returned yesterday and we’re seeing each other today. Rebekah has become one of my closest friends in New York. She’s the little sister I’ve always wanted. In many ways she reminds me of Mandy, but with hair and without the absurd excess of energy (and she’s taller). When she’s here, I’m balanced. My world makes more sense. I can’t explain it.

PS—I didn’t have the date yesterday. Turns out she had to work. Which is fine by me. Really.


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