Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm in Portland, Oregon visiting NjP (and Shannon) and Margo (and Mark). I've been here for two days and already I've lost track of what I've done. It's been an intense boot camp in Portland culture. So far so good. (This place is among the most beautiful places I've ever been. Sen-fucking-sational.)
A couple days ago, I did stop for a day in Louisville, Kentucky for a wedding. My friend Tosha (whom I lovingly refer to as T-Money) got married to a young man named Ryan. I was in the wedding as one of the five groomsmen. This is notable because I hadn't met Ryan until a couple hours before the wedding. Turns out he's a super nice guy who treats Tosha and their 10 month old daughter Emma with nothing but love. It was also my first experience with Emma, who is a delightful child. Constantly smiling and at that stage where she's attempting to walk, she is a funny and acutely aware little girl. And she took to me quickly. Kids under a year are a great audience. They are easily amused and I am more than willing to be goofy for effect. Killer combination.


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