Monday, November 21, 2005


Beginnings of relationships are the most fun aren’t they? You sit across from each other at various eateries, picking at each other’s food, occasionally kissing and telling each other the stories that make up your lives. You’re both immensely interesting to the each other. And you find even the littlest things in common worth celebrating.
“Wait you convert oxygen into carbon dioxide? So do I!” (Kiss.)
There’s no pressure there. It’s before you have the first knockdown-drag out but not before the first time you do the deed. The Honeymoon Phase some people call it. People look at you and see the glee on your face and wonder, “What the hell is he so fucking happy about?” And then she comes back from the restroom and they knowingly nod. “Ah. She’s the reason for that goofy grin.”


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