Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'll do anything for a smile

J and I watch a lot of Food Network. J’s new favorite person to watch is Giada DeLaurentiis, who hosts Behind the Bash and Everyday Italian. I think she has a weird smile. Charismatic and effervescent, she’s an amazing food host, but I just don’t think she’s as beautiful as J thinks she is.
Which brings me to my point: beauty, at least for me, begins with one's smile. The reason I am supremely attracted to Em is that hers is so genuine. The first time I made her laugh and I saw her smile, my heart skipped a beat. That’s how she got me. (If you want to know how I got her, you’ll have to back track through this blog on your own time. Let me just say this: not easy. (But well worth it.))
Today at the coffeehouse, as Em worked and I wrote, I’d occasionally take a break and do something mildly entertaining (lip synching into my coffee cup, for example, which unbeknownst to me, other people noticed)—simply to see that smile.


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