Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lunch with the Lady

Yesterday Em and I went to a little Italian place called Giorgione for lunch. It’s in TriBeCa and out of the way for us to get to. I had read some wonderful things and it did not disappoint. Food was above expectations, service warm and the wine list heavily weighted to Italy (and in wide-ranging prices). It was after her work and before mine, so we got a bottle of wine. I must take a moment to explain that I do not advocate drinking before work. But as my previous blog post may have indicated, I simply do not care about my job enough to worry about being fired or at the very least reprimanded for drinking before a shift. (To be quite honest, my fellow bored server Demian and I have even started drinking during the shift. This sort of reckless behavior wouldn’t be acceptable at any other restaurant, but the inmates are running the asylum, get it?)
In any case, if you haven’t had the experience of drinking on a Friday afternoon surrounded by people in suits doing business, then you are denying yourself one of the greatest joys imaginable to mankind.


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