Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Em and I are reading a book simultaneously. I’ve always wanted to do this with someone I’m seeing. I tried once with the professor I dated, but our relationship ended before we could finish. Hopefully this will not be a trend in my love life.
The book we’ve chosen is Independence Day by Richard Ford. So far we’ve only read the first chapter. But already I found a word I was unfamiliar with: tintinnabulation. After I look it up, I find that it means a ringing or tinkling sound. Ford uses it though as an accent: “And perhaps I’m simply a poor bet for her or anybody, since I so like the tintinnabulation of early romance yet lack the urge to do more than ignore it when that sweet sonority threatens to develop into something else.”
I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Ford’s protagonist Frank Bascombe.


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