Friday, December 16, 2005

Getting Over

This evening, work was a disaster. A train wreck. I couldn’t get the situation I’m recovering from out of my mind, and I made a ton of small mistakes. I feel like an idiot. I’ve been drinking to help numb the pain. It’s kinda working. I’m drunk. But still in pain.
I’m told by friends, that I'll be alright, and that I’m just having an adverse reaction to the fact that someone I so willingly loved refused to love me. Maybe. So I've decided that work will be my distraction. I've picked up everything. I only have two days off through the end of the year (Tuesday and Wednesday) and even picked up working a private party on Christmas Day. Work will get me through this.
One thing’s for sure: I’m fucking exhausted. I have no more tricks up my sleeve. Next girl gets a very boring dating arrangement. I’m over trying.

PS--She was knitting me a hat for Christmas and now I have to fucking find one. It’s freezing out there.


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