Monday, December 05, 2005

La La La

Between the exorbitant rent and the paying someone to do my laundry, I only needed one thing to finally achieve full West Village status—an iPod. And with my new job starting up in an outer borough and a daily subway ride back and forth, I decided that now was the time to cave/reward myself with one. So I bought a black iPod nano online and it’s being shipped to me ASAP.

Now some of you might see this as an extravagance to take away some focus from the fact that Em broke up with me. (See what I did there? I buried the lead.) I didn’t get an iPod because she broke up with me, I did however request to work six days a week at my new job, which will be seen by some as a physical manifestation of how I want to deal with the situation.

Speaking of my new job, I started tonight. I’ve stumbled upon, at this tiny place in Brooklyn, the closest thing I’ll find to a New York version of Lola Bistro in Cleveland. Food is innovative but not experimental. Service is personality driven. There is zero pretension about what takes place on the “four corners”. (A former boss of mine once dubbed a table the “four corners”, so NjP and I have come to call it that.) And for all its quirks, I must say I know I’ve lucked out and found the perfect place for me to work.


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