Monday, December 12, 2005

A New List

1. There’s a difference between a Wine Director and a Sommelier. It’s the same difference between a Cook and a Chef.
2. I laugh like the lead character in Amadeus. Only louder.
3. I’d like to play poker at the Mayfair Club someday.
4. Gum chewing is awful. And I’m occasionally guilty of it.
5. Leave a ridiculously large tip sometime. It’ll make you feel good.
6. Feeling down? Get a haircut.
7. If you pull a calculator out when the bill comes, then you are not friends with anyone you are dining with.
8. One Michelin Star is more impressive than a four star New York Times review and an across-the-board 30 score from Zagat put together.
9. Correcting someone’s pronunciation of a foreign word in conversation is rude.
10. Pretension about wine is unacceptable.


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