Thursday, December 22, 2005

Water & Fire

Yesterday I received in the mail, a small but powerful package from Margo. There’s a card and a CD.
“Go ahead. Close the door. Put your PJs on. Grab the bottle wine. Hide your phone. Shutdown the computer.
Go ahead. Be sad. Be so so so sad. You don’t deserve what’s happening. You deserve love. She should love you.
Here is my contribution to wallowing: my best, cheesy lost love songs. I’ve had variations of this mix over the past 10 years. May it serve you as well as me--Water & Fire, baby.
My heart to you, my friend, Margo”
I’ve been listening to the CD nonstop since I got it. Thank you Margo. It’s helping.
I started a savings account today. I’m saving to buy a bid into the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event. It might seem silly to spend that sort of money on what will essentially be a lottery ticket (to win that tournament, it’ll take several miracles), but Chris Monaco will put up half of my registration fee (and I’ll split all winnings with him).
Also, I’ve decided that this upcoming year, 2006, is the year that I shall get myself out of debt. It’ll take diligence and discipline, but it’s gonna happen.


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