Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's my birthday too, yeah

I turn 28 today. One might ask themselves, how I plan on spending my day. Well, there’s the basketball game I’ll be coaching at three and then I have dinner at Annisa with some friends (Jenni, Molly, Chris Monaco, his girlfriend Megan, John and his wife). I wanted to invite an eighth person to round out the numbers at our table (nothing irritates me more than an odd number of people dining…I must be a little OCD), but that proved more difficult than I planned. I had always intended to bring Em, but all of my friends have less than warm feelings toward her. Then there was the fleeting moment when I was going to invite the hairdresser but that was before I discovered that she lied to me. Next up was Laura, who I used to work with but find her mildly annoying, but as it turns out is working anyway. And then there was a moment there when Megan was going to bring a blind date for me. (Seriously.) Oh and then there’s the other Laura, who I have the crush on at work, but happens to have a party that she’s throwing at her apartment the same evening. Oh and then I lost my mind somewhere in the middle when I almost invited Chris’s little sister Sarah aka The Seabass, but decided against it because Chris is more than a little overprotective of her. A last minute Hail Mary involved my next door neighbor (and you guessed it, one of my many crushes) Nancy, but she answered the door with four sticks of butter and told me she had a dinner party. I’d invite Kerry, but her boyfriend cajoled her into coming along, which made the table too big so they’re sitting at a different table.
And then there’s after dinner, which I’ve left up to Jenni and Chris to decide. (Turns out that Jenni had to do all of the work. Chris is less than reliable when planning a party, which is surprising.) Rebekah, her boyfriend Colby, Young Nicholas, Michael Frederick, his wife Zabryna, Laura, Susie, Nathan, Demian and his girlfriend Jamie will all hopefully make an appearance by night’s end.


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