Friday, January 20, 2006


I was offered a promotion at work last night. My current manager is stepping down because he’s going to school at the end of February, so I was asked by the owner to step in. I said no. Sorta.
I told her I enjoyed serving and would like to continue to do so, but I would be amenable to taking over the wine director duties and also host/maitre d a couple nights a week. She countered with a request for three nights a week of the latter and I told her I was willing to work six days a week.
“You want to work six days a week?”
So we’re talking.
My birthday was wonderful. Dinner was as delightful an experience as I’ve ever had. John chose the wines and I just sat back and enjoyed the multi-course dinner. (The high point for me was the foie gras dumplings, which Annisa is known for. They’re Shanghai style dumplings so they have a foie gras mousse inside with a steamed liquid and jicama. All that is topped off with a sliver of seared foie. Ridiculous.)
Oh and I had a date the other night. With the hairdresser. I let her have another shot. (Her lie was, as it turns out, not a lie.) The date went well enough. (We have another coming up.) But she’s painfully quiet. She’s a sweet person even if she isn’t intellectual, and she does have the one thing I promised myself I’d put a premium on the next time out: kindness.
And before I go I should mention that I had lunch with Em the few days back. (And coffee today.) “If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied…”


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